The Top Reason Your Company Should Utilize a Cannabis Staffing Firm and It’s Not What You Think

    By Anne Miranda

    It’s already 3pm and you have a call in one hour to deliver three fully-vetted, top candidates for that Director of Cultivation position that has been open for almost a month. Seems routine except for the fact that you currently have a pile of roughly four hundred resumes and a few unverified referrals to charge through.

    Sound familiar? We’ve all heard the line that a bad hire can cost a company thousand’s so it’s up to talent and human resources professionals to do their due diligence. In a normal hiring cycle there would be an ATS for that, however, in the competitive Cannabis job market, internal HR delays are now costing you great cannabis candidates.

    The number one reason Cannabis businesses and startups are missing out by not partnering with a staffing company is retention-focused hiring.  A good, senior-level recruiting and staffing firm worth its salt should be able to deliver on at least the three basic tenants of saving your organization time, resources and your organizational bottom line. Great recruitment partners are delivering a return on investment that should result in long-tenured employees and an understanding of your company’s values and cultures for future hires.

    Additionally, recruiting and staffing firms are experts at attracting and cultivating productive and skilled cannabis professionals, acting as objective ambassadors of your curated, employer branding strategy and image.

    Losing employees can lead to losing customers and money, but surprisingly 17% of companies either don’t track or don’t know what their cost-per-hire is.* It makes sense then, especially in a hot candidate market to let the experts fill in the gaps as well as simplify your cost-per-hire metric.

    Talent Acquisition is evolving as we speak with the new developments in the economy and the new advances in technology. Why not spend that hour interviewing a top, vetted candidate instead of sweating over four hundred resumes?


    A division of Excel Partners, Inc., Hybrid Staffing is backed by twenty-six years of experience placing accounting and financial professionals across a variety of industries and our skilled candidate pipeline is growing daily.

    Ready to grow your business?

    *Source: Yello’s 2020 Recruitment Operations Benchmark Report