Becoming an Employer of Choice: 6 Key Characteristics

    Many employers in the cannabis industry are adopting a formalized ‘employer of choice’ strategy, promoting a variety of employee perks to attract and retain quality staff.  Becoming a true employer of choice is not easily achieved or maintained as understanding what people value most is an ever-evolving endeavor.  

    As the ‘green rush’ continues, it’s clear that employees crave a sense of purpose in their work, a connection with their colleagues and to feel valued by their managers. It is more collaborative and open than the old ‘them and us’ employer relationship. There are 6 core characteristics that define an employer of choice: 

    1. Reputation. An organization that is highly respected within the cannabis industry, with a strong brand, is naturally a place where people want to work. This reputation is built and sustained by having a solid track record of delivering on employee expectations once they start working for your organization.
    2. Engaged Leadership. Potential employees want to know that the cannabis organization they are considering joining has an active leadership that is deeply involved in the business and has a compelling vision for its future. It’s hard to get excited about taking a role with a company whose leadership is nowhere to be found.
    3. Empowerment. Following closely behind engaged leadership is the importance of making sure that everyone is empowered to fully own their role. A significant factor supporting real empowerment is trusting them to be responsible for their contributions to the company and for how they complete their work.
    4. Growth Opportunities. One of the key drivers of talent leaving a company is the lack of future growth opportunities. Employees want to continue to be challenged by accepting more responsibility or learning and using a new set of skills. People naturally evolve and they have this same inclination in their work roles.
    5. Meaningful Work. Growth opportunities in the cannabis market are not always possible for every employee at any given time. This is where stimulating and challenging work becomes critically important. Everyone wants to be engaged in work that they truly feel is important and is contributing to the organization’s higher purpose.
    6. Recognition. Recognizing the contributions of employees is essential for becoming an employer of choice. No one wants to feel like they are being taken for granted or that their work goes unnoticed.

    Clearly, becoming an ‘employer of choice’ in the cannabis industry requires planning and a strategic approach. Our team at Hybrid Staffing has the industry experience to help make the hiring process easier and can connect you with the right candidate ready to help your organization grow. If you want to learn more on how we can drive talent to your organization by helping you get recognized as an ‘employer of choice,’ please contact us